Welcome to the World Parliament Experiment! A World Parliament is possible, if YOU join it! The World Parliament Experiment is a generic simulation of a working global democracy on the internet. You can join the beta test of our new version on: beta.tgde.org Please send an e-mail to: team@world-parliament.org if you would like to receive the password. You can read more about our project and help edit the explanations on: http://worldparliament.a.wiki-site.com/index.php/Main_Page In addition, we invite you to : The 2019 Global Democracy Lab by Democracy Without Borders and the World Parliament Experiment associations. We invite you to participate in a unique multi-media course on Political Advocacy and Leadership in global democracy. The course is aimed at activists interested in using modern concepts of leadership as supported by professional coaches (including licensed material from Harvard University, Institute for Leadership Development, Forum for Creative Leadership 9.0, and others). Read more … The website of the World Parliament Experiment is currently under construction and a big relaunch will be published soon as part of the partnership with Democracy Without Borders described on: https://www.democracywithoutborders.org/gdve-it/ In the meantime, if you are interested in the history of the project, please feel free to see the old site on: www.tgde.org. Some features can still be used and seen. Our project is expensive, we would like to invest in many new features, including server space and security/identification for many participants. Please consider making a donation: Donation bank account: IBAN: DE83 1001 0010 0137 5911 33 BIC (SWIFT): PBNKDEFF This project is supported as its Global Voting Platform by:
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